Listed below are the different styles of dance that we offer at Infinity Dance Complex. Be sure to ask if you have any questions about different styles of dance.

At Infinity Dance Complex, we aim to create a safe, fun learning environment for our dancers! We do our best to place our dancers by age and ability. It has been our experience that children who are around the same age and ability level work well together.

Hip Hop

Levels 1 - 3

This form of dance is certainly one of the most popular styles of dance. Students will gain cardiovascular strength while improving their muscular strength. Students will learn the varied skills of hip hop, including body isolations, intricate hand movements, and floor work.

Hip Hop classes are 60 minutes in length.


Levels 1 - 2

A form of contemporary dance, lyrical uses elements of ballet, jazz and modern to embody an emotion, idea or lyrics of a musical selection. Lyrical dancers gain flexibility, self awareness, expressionism, and muscle strength. A ballet background is essential for lyrical dancers. 

Lyrical/Contemporary classes are 60 minutes in length.


Levels 1 - 3

This classical dance form focuses on using specific terminology and technique to manipulate the body into moving through controlled positions. Through the study of ballet, students will gain discipline of their minds and bodies; coordination; grace and poise, muscle toning; as well as proper body alignment and posture.

Ballet classes are 60 minutes in length.


dancers wanted. dancers welcome.


levels 1 - 3

This form of dance is one in which the feet are used to create rhythmic sounds. Tap students gain knowledge of music theory; rhythm and coordination; muscle toning; musicality; and agility. 

Tap classes are 60 minutes in length.

Infinity Mini

ages 5 - 8

This is a comprehensive dance program geared towards children, aged five to seven, and features a mixture of instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip hop, through the use of combination classes. At this level, dancers begin to gain, understand, and learn the foundations of dance.
Infinity Mini Combination Classes are 60 minutes in length.


Levels 1 - 3

A more modern form of dance, jazz allows students to focus on muscle memory, agility, cardiovascular strength. Students improve movement memory and gain flexibility and coordination.

Jazz classes are 60 minutes in length.

Infinity Early Movement

Ages 3 and 4

This dance program is for pre-school aged children, those who are three and four years old, and focuses on introducing children to dance through use of creative movement. The goal is to learn body manipulation and control, self-expression, spatial awareness and basic elements of music. 
All Early Movement Classes are 45 minutes in length.

Petite Hip Hop and Tumbling

Ages 4 - 8

This program is designed to transition younger students into stand alone classes and is specially geared towards preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade children.  Petite Hip Hop offers a basic introduction in to hip hop dance. Children will begin to develop intricate hand movements, more precise coordination skills, as well as musicality. Mini tumbling provides an introduction to tumbling and acrobatic skills. Minis will stretch and bend, allowing them to increase their flexibility, practice eye/hand coordination, and learn body control.   Infinity Mini hip hop and tumbling classes are 45 minutes in length.